Are you at school early in the morning?

Ms. Clark in the Primary phase is looking for a student to assist with morning patrols around the Cedar Kindergarten.

The patrol begins at8:15am and ends at 8:30am. You be required to make sure that the kindergarten children are in the area safely and playing constructively.

This is a simple service opportunity that amounts to 75 minutes a week! What an easy way to help your community...

Students may apply online or speak to Mrs. Clark directly.

Saturday, 9 April 2011
Babysitting Opportunity

On this night, Cedar will be hosting their annual Gala Auction to raise money for our school. There will be a number of parents who will attend this event, many with small children who will need supervision for that evening.

Ms. Jaeda is looking to organise some Cedar School babysitters to look after these children for the evening. Students who sign up for this opportunity will receive hours for the time that they babysit. Each student will be assigned to a family close to where they live, and will stay with the children at their home for that evening.

Key details:
- Should you be interested, please complete the form at the bottom of this posting.
- When you have completed the form, please e-mail it through to Mrs. Jones or Ms. Jaeda.

We would like to finalise the "babysitting volunteers by Friday, March 25th so, should you be interested, please e-mail this form or see Mrs. Jones or Ms. Jaeda by Friday, 25th March 2011.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011
Want to get into sailing?

The local sailing organisation Kids and the Sea (K.A.T.S) are preparing for their upcoming season, and are looking for volunteers to help "dress" the boats. This involves bringing their boats out of storage and preparing them for use in the spring programme.

Key details:
- Students must meet at the KATS trailer, just on the harbour side of the BVI Marine Police base at 10:00am.
- Bring along a hat, sunblock and water. Lunch will be provided
- Students will need to be collected at 4:00pm from the K.A.T.S trailer.

Students interested in this activity may apply online or speak to Mrs. Jones before Friday afternoon.

Two opportunities for students who love the ocean!

2nd and 3rd April 2011
The B.V.I Yacht Club are looking for students to volunteer in the following "roles":

Runners                   You will help ensure there are provisions on board the support boats

Mark layers            You will go on the support boats to help with mark laying and course
Course setters        setting

Key details:
- Students need to meet at the BVISR Village at Nanny Cay at 8am.
- Lunch and drinks will be provided free of charge.
- Students will need to be collected at 4pm from Nanny Cay.

2nd and 3rd April 2011

The B.V.I Yacht Club have offered three students the exciting opportunity to sail on their boat, Luxury Girl (33' Beneteau) on these two days. Students will be responsible for helping officials on board with various tasks.

Key details:
- Students need to meet at the BVISR Village at Nanny Cay at 8am.
- The boat is located near the Taxi rank.

All students interested in these opportunities must apply online before Friday, 25 March 2011.

Positions will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.





Congratulations to Barney Nockolds on circumnavigating the island
last Saturday in aid of Help for Heroes U.K.

We are most proud of Barney for pursuing such a worthy CISCAS project!
Barney and Craig Smith, along with at least 10 others, cycled and ran Tortola to raise money for the organisation.

It is hoped that other students will feel inspired by Barney's efforts
and make a difference in their community too.