Cedar's Auction is coming up, and the theme this year is "Polynesian Paradise". You can earn credits by joining a group who will be making decorations for the event.

What will we create?
Students will work to create a painted hibiscus auction front entrance and tiki-men to be displayed around the room.

ACTIVITY DATES:     WEEK ONE - Monday, April 23rd + Wednesday, April 25th
                                            WEEK TWO- Monday, May 30th + Wednesday, May 2nd
                                            WEEK THREE - Monday May 7 + Wednesday May 9

ACTIVITY VENUE:     Cedar Art Room
ACTIVITY TIME:         3:15 - 5:00
OPEN TO:                       Grades 6 - 12 (Apply online)
NO. OF CREDITS:        6 credits

If you sign up for an activity, you are committed to it. Pulling out of an activity at the last minute will not be tolerated, unless for a valid reason consented to by your parents.

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