Our school will be hosting a talent show on April 20th. The Student Council are looking for students to help out in various ways at the event:

Floor crew:                    FULLY BOOKED             (Grades 6 - 10)    
Your job will be to set up before the event;  Help seat people on the night; Help pack up after the big night is done!

Technical Team:    FULLY BOOKED               (Grades 8 - 10)           
You will be working with two technical leaders on the lighting and sound setup.

Backstage Crew:      FULLY BOOKED                 (Grades 7 - 10)
You will be in charge of setting up the stage; Having costumes and props ready; Getting the performers ready

ACTIVITY DATES:          Thursday, April 19th - Technical Rehearsal
                                                 Friday, April 20th - Show time!

ACTIVITY VENUE:         Cedar Atrium

ACTIVITY TIME:            Technical Rehearsal (5:00pm - 7:00pm)
                                                Show Night (7:00 - 10:00)
OPEN TO:                            Grades 6 - 10 (Apply online)
NO. OF CREDITS:            6 credits


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