The 35th Annual Humane Society Dog Show

Mrs. Pascoe and the Humane Society Committee are looking for as many volunteers as they can get to help out at this year's dog show.

Volunteers will assist in the following ways:
* Setting up of the show ring and stalls
* Selling raffle tickets on the day
* Walking the dogs and filling their water bowls

WHERE?   Captain Mulligans, Nanny Cay
TIME?        9am - 4pm

Students interested in this activity may either apply online, or contact Mrs. Pascoe directly at the following e-mail address: nancykwp@gmail.com BEFORE FRIDAY, 2ND JUNE.

SUNDAY, 5th JUNE 2011
It's Book Fair time again!

Ms. Thompson will be hosting Cedar's second book fair on this date and is looking for volunteers to help.

Venue:       Cedar International School Atrium
Time:         12:00pm - 5:00pm

Students will be required to help unpack the books, set up stands with book displays and assist Mrs. Thompson at the fair.

All those interested must apply online before Friday, 3rd June 2011.


Want a clean, after-school service opportunity?

Mr. Hibbard is looking for three volunteers to assist with the cleaning of the new school van.

This activity will take place every second week, after school (3:15) in Cedar's parking lot. Volunteers will be required to wash the new van, as well as clean the inside.

Students interested in this opportunity must apply online. A first come, first serve basis will apply.


An opportunity for Grades 7 and 8 only

On the Wednesday, 25th May, Cedar International School will be hosting its annual Personal Project Evening.

We are looking for four volunteers to assist at the refreshments table on this evening - a service opportunity that would involve serving tea, coffee and juices to the guests.  Volunteers will need to be at Cedar by 5:00pm; The event will end at 7:00pm.

Any Grade 7 or 8 students interested in this opportunity may apply online, or see Mrs. Jones directly.
A message from Ms. Wilkinson, the organiser:

Dear Pollution Group,

Congratulations on organising and completing your action piece for the PYP exhibition yesterday.  I was particularly impressed with the student grade range and turnout, which shows you communicated your plan very well to the school. Well done and thank you for all your work!


Cleaning up the Mangroves!

The Grade 5 class is hosting a mangrove clean-up this Saturday, 21 May 2011 as part of their action item for an upcoming exhibition.

Venue:  Hodges Creek and Fat Hog Bobs -
*Students who need a ride can meet in the atrium at 3:00 as the school bus will be transporting students to the event and back to school at 4:30.

Time:     3:00am - 4:30am

What should I bring along?
* Gloves
* Plastic bags (some will be provided)
* A hat
* Swim suit
* Water to drink

This is a very worthwhile service activity, as well as a great way to meet other students in your school!

Students interested in this service opportunity may apply online, or see Mrs. Jones directly before this Thursday


Help out at our Cedar School Library!

Mrs. Walsh is looking for volunteers to help with some library cataloging, as well as various other jobs around the library. Cataloging the library's books is a very important, yet simple process and is all done on the library's computer system; Mrs. Walsh will show all volunteers how to do this.

* Volunteers will be required to help after school from 3:00 - 4:00 every day except Thursdays.
* Students may volunteer for as many shifts as they wish - you do not need to help everyday!

Students interested in this opportunity must apply online.


The final deadline for CISCAS hours is Friday, 11 June 2011.

By this date, you must have:
1) Completed the hours required for your grade level (*See the CISCAS booklet on this website for details)
2) Completed all your reflections and had them signed by your activity leader
3) Handed all your reflections forms into your homeroom teacher.

Community and Service is part of your course. You have to have completed the hours or your course will not be complete!

If you still need hours:
* There are two opportunities currently available      or
* Find your own opportunities on island     or
* See Mrs. Jones for more help.


Help out our B.V.I Runners...

The final race in the Blenheim Trust 5K series will take place on this day. The organisers of this event are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

* Registering the runners: Hand out the race numbers and record people's names

* Water Station: Handing out water to the runners at the half-way point

Any students interested in getting involved in this opportunity can apply online.

Love dance? Want a free ticket to see a show?

The Hands on Volunteers for Haiti are hosting a dance event this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at H.L.S.C.C called "Steppin' Up" (*see poster below). The organiser of this event is looking for 9 volunteers to help hand-out programmes at these shows.

A BONUS: This includes a free ticket for volunteers to watch the show. These tickets are valued at $25 each!

FRIDAY, 13 May 2011 (6:30pm - 8:30pm)
2 positions open

SATURDAY, 14 May 2011
(6:30pm - 8:30pm)
Fully booked

SUNDAY, 15 May 2011
(4:30pm - 6:30pm)
Fully booked

Any students interested in the available positions can see Mrs. Jones directly, or apply online by tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.