Limelight are putting on a performance of Aladdin at HLSCC in February, and are looking for volunteers to form their backstage crew. A backstage crew helps with setting up the stage, organising costumes, and moving the set during the performance.

The backstage crew would need to be present for the following rehearsals and performances:

REHEARSALS - Get to know what you're doing!
0 Wednesday, 15 February   (7:00pm)
0 Thursday, 16 February (7:00pm)

PERFORMANCES - Show them what you've got!
0 Friday, 17 February   (7:00pm show only)
0 Saturday, 18 February (7:00pm show only)
0 Sunday, 19 February (2:30pm + 7:00pm)

ACTIVITY DATE:         *See above
ACTIVITY VENUE:       Meet at HLSCC Auditorium

ACTIVITY TIME:          *See above
OPEN TO:                          Grades 6 - 12 (Apply online)

NO. OF CREDITS:          6 credits (+2 for full commitment)

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