For the first time at Cedar, students will have the opportunity to complete
a first aid course for CISCAS credits!

ACTIVITY DATE    October 2011 (Applicants will be notified via e-mail as soon as dates are confirmed)
ACTIVITY VENUE:  Cedar International School
ACTIVITY TIME:      3:15 - 5:15

OPEN TO:                    All students

NO. OF CREDITS:    7 credits per course (minimum)

Students who complete the first aid course will be required to volunteer as a first aider at Cedar's school sports days and track meets. You will receive additional credits for doing this.

Margaret Pringle

It is a shame that the First Aid Course is not offered based on a 2-students per class basis but on a first come first serve basis. I would like to see the First Aid Course being offered again to the students within the next 6 months and also without being offered as a means of gaining community credits.
A couple of websites that I've looked at that offer IB morals are
I hope the school is considering introducing similar ideals to the students in the near future. Sincerely.


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