This year, Sensus Gym will once again host their Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Our female students are encouraged to walk in support of this cause. Each participant will be given a t-shirt at the start of the walk, as well as water and juice along the route.

ACTIVITY DATE:      30 October 2011
ACTIVITY VENUE:   Noel Lloyd Action Park, Road Town.
ACTIVITY TIME:      Walk begins at 2:00pm (*Volunteers must be there at 1:30)

OPEN TO:                     Grades 6 - 10 (
Apply online)
NO. OF CREDITS:     4 credits
  (*Those who walk and those who volunteer will receive these credits)

For our male students:
The following volunteers are needed:

Grades 6 - 12:               Water tables          (Fully booked)
Grades 10 - 12 only:    Traffic marshals    (Fully booked)


Come on out, make a difference and earn some CISCAS credits!

Maggie Danhakl


I hope all is well. Healthline just published these inspiring quotes about breast cancer from celebrities who battled the disease. Our audience really enjoyed them and gave us great feedback on how powerful and inspirational they are. You can see them here:

I thought they would be of interest to your followers as well, and I wanted to see if you would include it as a resource on your page:

Please let me know if this would be possible. I’m happy to answer any other questions as well.

Thanks so much!
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